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Joint Service Time

Both Churches Come Together and Worship Throughout the year on the 1st Sunday in the month and on Special Occasions. Please see below for details. 

Joint Service Time

Dates & Time


22nd April 9.00am 

St Luke's (9.00am) on this occasion only

6th May 10.00 pm

St Luke’s

3rd June 10.00 pm

St Bartholomew’s

1st July 10.00 pm

St Luke’s

5th August 10.00 pm

St Bartholomew’s

(Fri) 24th August

7.00 pm

St Bartholomew’s Patronal Festival

2nd September 10.00 pm

St Luke

7th October 10.00 pm

St Bartholomew’s

(Wed)18th October

7.30 pm

St Luke’s Patronal


Please note that on Easter Day we have normal service times at both churches

The above dates are provisional.  Please check the Pew Sheet or our web pages for confirmation of these details or any changes.